Eloficash – Debt collection software package

The value added of ELOFICASH, debt collection software

Logiciel de recouvrementELOFICASH is a collaborative debt collection software package that enables the entire company to become involved in the debt recovery process. The different employees can connect and collaborate thanks multi-device accounting (tablet, smartphone, computer) and the integration of a “Chatter” feature. ELOFICASH becomes a central part of your organisation and a genuine real-time communication media.

ELOFICASH features

The aim of ELOFICASH is to improve the management of accounts receivable. The features included in the ELOFICASH debt collection software therefore fall into the following main categories:

  • effective contacts management,
  • efficient tracking of outstanding balances and invoices
  • smooth real-time communication and collaboration solutions
  • configurable workflows
  • risk and credit assurance management
  • customisable dashboards and tracking tables…

ELOFICASH technology

The ELOFICASH debt collection software package is available in SaaS mode and can therefore easily be deployed via a web interface. Using an SQL Server database, ELOFICASH makes available to its users the latest computer technologies indispensable to business management such as the Talend ETL for integrating data, cube decision analysis, “web service” type data connectors for importing financial information,…..

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ELOFICASH economic model

ELOFICASH can be acquired in a number of ways depending on your IT and/or financial strategy. The different models are flexible and reversible.

. Opt for the solution that suits you best in order to develop a “cash community” within your company.

Business expertise

Covline, the company that publishes the ELOFICASH softare package, has been developing software for accounts receivable management for about fifteen years. This body of experience means our consultants and project managers are especially qualified to assist our clients in analysing their needs and integrating their solution. Moreover, Covline can rely on both the expertise of a network of local integrators and on an ecosystem of business partners.

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