Business model

The solution ELOFICASH is available under several business models:

– Subscription. 

Annual subscription which includes both the right to use the software licence and its maintenance (right to new versions and assistance).

– Licence and maintenance.

Classic investment in a licence fee and a tacitly renewable annual maintenance fee.

– Saas or Cloud.

Subscription plus a hosting and and operating fee.

The technical architecture is managed by the service provider of your choice.

However, COVLINE works with certified hosting companies such as ASPSERVEUR. The ELOFICASH solution has also been tested and validated on Cloud platforms known all over the world such as Microsoft Azur (*) or Amazon (*).

The SLA (Service Level Agreement) depends on the provider and can be customised according to the level of requirements expected.

The customer is also free to choose its own facility manager and submit it to COVLINE.

This flexibility in the method of acquisition also allows for a high level of contract reversibility if a company’s strategy changes. As well as offering contract reversibility, COVLINE provides its customers with support for data migration and the technical reinstallation of the software so as to ensure continuity of service.

Every company has its own IT strategy. This strategy may change, and in some cases may differ from one business, activity or country to another.

COVLINE’s mission is to accompany these changes whilst keeping end users and their performance requirements at the heart of its concerns.

The teams are organised into a functional department and a technical department, plus a centre dedicated to project implementation and management.The project manager’s role is to oversee and synchronise all the operations both internal to COVLINE and external.

All the installation, migration and set-up operations are carried out with the same dgree of quality and commitment whatever the solution chosen.

(*) registered trademarks

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