Business ecosystem

Our business partners include:


acm experts is an independent firm of consultants specialised in credit management. Our business experts have carried out over a hundred large-scale missions in different business sectors for large groups, mid-sized companies and SMEs.

Our operational-focused and accross-the-board approach is tailored to each each case, to identify and quantify the sticking points in your sales cycle,

and then implement a project to improve WCR for an effective and lasting impact on your cash situation.

The fields we cover:

· Auditing & Consultancy

· Staff training

· Management tools dedicated to accounts receivable management

· Cash Marathon

· Insourcing

· Outsourcing


“The Customer is the cornerstone of Customer Credit… with him the company is nothing ….with him, it becomes a Company.”

NB & K is the Expert in accounts receivable management and WCR optimisation.

At NB & K we work alongside companies and their managers to develop the necessary and possible levers in these areas (training, consultancy, auditing, …).

From business development to sales, and including the legal and debt recovery departments, NB & K helps you to set up appropriate, customised systems.

We work with all types of companies (from SMEs to important groups) in business sectors as varied as transport, energy, engineering, building and sustainable development to create this interface and relationship between Customer Credit and Sales.

We work to create a synergy between Sales and Customer Credit, so that all the stakeholders can understand the issues and feel involved.

This enables companies to move on from a purement curative approach to a preventive, more commercial approach to Customer Credit that starts as soon as a relationship is established, and even before the prospect becomes a customer.

The company’s financial results are improved de facto, from its provisions to to the transferral of cases to the debt recovery department or Credit insurance.

Sales staff then become less seekers of Business than Creators of PROFITS.