The company

Our company

Covline is the publisher of a debt collection software named ELOFICASH. Capitalizing on the experience of each member of the team, Covline has chosen to specialize in programming a software solution that covers the risk of losses, the debt recovery, and the disputes and litigations treatment. The distribution of the customer management software ELOFICASH is realized through a network of certified partners and distributors. This tripartite collaboration enables a better implementation of the software solution at the heart of the information system of the client. Indeed, the software ELOFICASH comes to plug on the enterprise information system in order to extract the essential collection datas for the clients debt recovering and offers many other relationships in the form of pivot tables and multidimensional analysis. With ELOFICASH, accelerate your receipts, master your customers outstanding bills and reduce your DSO. In other words, take control of your cash !

Our values

We have strong values ​​that allow us to move forward and to have a clear vision of our positioning and of our market. Our Values ​​in a few words:
  • The expertise: we assist our clients at every step of the project and advise them to choose the best solutions according to their needs and their organization,
  • The trust: whether with partners or customers, we work in a mutual trust relationship which allows long-term projects and the stability needed to carry them out,
  • The community: ELOFICASH is a collaborative software. Our risk management solution, through the tools it provides, creates a real “cash community” within the company. We rely on an intranet network of users in order to improve the technical solution and in order to facilitate the sharing of the good practices between customers, suppliers and integrators. The goal ? Optimize the debt recovery in your business.

Our News

To create a community, it is important to be the engine. That’s why we have decided to set up business information on our website. There are four main sections:
  • news about the company Covline
  • developments of ELOFICASH
  • news about debt covering
  • our expertise