We pay particular attention to our financial health, the quality of our partnerships, our clients’ requirements and the technical choices we make in developing our ELOFICASH solution.

We make a point of always saying clearly and unambiguously whether or not the projects we study are feasible. Our project implementation methodology emphasises dialogue with the aim of implementing the processes best suited to the situation in question.

In addition, the projects implemented by our partners are managed collaboratively in order to guarantee our clients dual “integrator/editor” monitoring. This complementary partnership is intended to be pragmatic and reassuring for the client.

We reserve the right to say no as we believe this is necessary to establish a healthy relationship with our interlocutors. However, we will use the resources of our ecosystem, starting with our own “Research & Development” division, to try to find suitable and sustainable solutions for the needs expressed.

COVLINE has set up an extranet dedicated to its clients and partners, where everyone in the ELOFICASH community can dialogue every day. Better than a users’ club, this site is becoming more like a social network whose aim is to improve and extend the functional dimension of the solution.

Always very close to users, the development team continues to listen to their needs in order to increase the potential effectiveness of the solution in the field. In particular great care has been taken to ensure the graphic interface is “practical”, as this remains an essential component in our approach. COVLINE also pays particular attention to the notion of reducing “mouse-mileage”, a guarantee of day-to-day efficiency and profitability, but also a source of user comfort.

Every user has his own priorities and his own specific view of his working environment. This is why ELOFICASH has had customisable screens from the very first version of the software.

This differentiation also applies to decision-makers, who benefit from relevant decision support tools producing the results of their own method of analysis, fruit of their own reflection.
Finally, we attach great importance to the transfer of skills in the implementation of projects in order to render our clients autonomous when it comes to parameter changes due to changes in their organisation.

The satisfaction of our clients and partners is our greatest ambition.